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Literacy Beginnings Printables

My Year in Pre-K Printable Book

There are extra pages at the end in case your school year starts in September, ends in June, or in case your program is called "preschool."


You can download the My Own Topher font here: 


Printables for Stamping

I made this page for students to fill in the box with one letter and stamp each of the rectangles with a picture for that sound. (I also hoard the dollar stamps at Michael's...)

The second version has two boxes on top, one for uppercase and one for lowercase.





You will need letter P and S stamps to use with this printable:


The cute clipart came from


Printable Puzzles

ABC Center

Printable font sort for the letters a, m, b, f








Christmas_tree_uppercase.pdf  (This file prints in black and white.  To save ink, it could be printed on colored paper.)


 Link to some beautiful ABC cards:


Class Rules Poster

Thank you to a friend for sharing this printable rules poster:  Classroom Rules.pdf

 It has simple pictures to help students "read" it.

Printable Big Books

Let's Look Around the Ranch

 I put the pages in page protectors and read the binder while holding it open vertically.  Another option would be to attach two pages (one photo and one text) to 11 x 20 sheets of construction paper and make a big book.

Sorry, this takes a long time to load - too many pictures!

I have added some additional pages separately here:

Hatching Eggs



Printables From

Sight Word Dice Game

Nonsense Words for Trash Game


This is the scavenger hunt that I send students on with their families at Open House Night ScavengerHunt.pdf
This is the letter I send home with the Student of the Week (blank) poster.  (The posters come from Lakeshore and cost about $10 for 30 posters). 

File Folder Games

My Mom (Mother's Day gift book)

My Mom 2014 Printable book for your students to complete with words and illustrations.


Dramatic Play 

Great First Day Printable

Math Centers 

Photos of these activities can be seen on the Math Center page. 

Finger Counting Printables: Finger_Counting.pdf   



Shape Sort Sheets for students to sort junk by shape:ShapeSortWithJunk.pdf

Shape Dice Game:  Dice Shape Graph 

Flower Dice Game:  10_Flowers.pdf 


Pumpkin Count:  pumpkin_count.pdf 

Frog Count: frog_Count_Mats.pdf    

Color Patterning:  color pattern 1.pdf           color pattern 3.pdf

                                     color pattern 2.pdf            color pattern 4.pdf

Roll the Number Game: Roll the Number Game.pdf

Something interesting to do with blocks

I loved these printable cards of 3D block designs that Machele Christian posted on  (If you don't already visit the Pre-K board on Proteacher, I highly recommend it).  The cards are intended to be used with 1- inch blocks.  Thank you Machele for allowing me to post your block cards here:block_designs.pdf




Click here to print ocean words wall words

To print ocean calendar pieces (ABC Pattern): calendar ocean abc.pdf

Links to Free Printables

Art Projects tied to Books

Class Books

Pocket Charts

Rhyming Words




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