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Who Doesn't Love Getting a Package?

One of my favorite Early Childhood Blogs is Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales.

Mrs. Goff participated in a fun Pay It Forward activity where she received a package from a blogging teacher and then Mrs. Goff "paid it forward" by sending a package to three more blogging teachers.  The packages contain books and materials relevant to the place where the sender lives.  

Lucky for me....Mrs. Goff lives in Pennsylvania.  So, she sent me an autographed book by Judy Schachner:

  because Ms. Schachner lives nearby.

She also sent me lots of yummy Hershey Kisses (you guessed it ...from Hershey, Pennsylvania)  

and several more books, maps, and activities related to the Amish, the Constitution, and Pennsylvania.  

Thank you very much Mrs. Goff!  My class will enjoy the books and the kisses!

Now it’s my turn to Pay It Forward.


So if you would like to play AND are willing to pay it forward from your own blog, then here is what you do.


Leave a comment on this post stating that you want to play, and I will randomly choose three players.

You can be from anywhere in the world!!

The rules are:

• To the three participants I will send a fun package representing Texas - but you must be willing to Pay it Forward to three more people.  

• Comments will remain open until November 5th.

• If you are chosen you will need to send me your address so that I know where to send your package.

• After you receive the package you will need to Pay it Forward in the same manner on your blog.

Thanks for playing!

Update:  Please include the name of your teacher blog in your comment


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