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The Fabric U.S. Map

I keep getting great emails from teachers signing up for the Gingerbread Exchange.  Several of you have asked where I got the U.S. map pictured.  It is a fabric piece I purchased at JoAnn's Clothworld years ago.  It was in the area with the ready to sew baby quilts. I have also seen them on ebay and  Here is a link to one place on Amazon that has one.  I did not check shipping, etc. to find the best deal.  I do love the pictures that relate to the various states.

Also, I will be sending a Texas Pay it Forward package to Amanda at A Very Curious Class.  Amanda, please email your mailing address to me at  I would love to send the Texas package to two more teachers, but you will need to have a teaching blog so that you can blog about it and the Pay if Forward Game will keep going.


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