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  • Eilis

Run. Don't walk

to the Dollar Spot at Target.  Look what I got there today: 

The stickers will be perfect for bottle caps.  I bought two of the pocket charts in the same color so I can attach them together using self-adhesive velcro.       


A sign, a foam clock, stamps and a stamp pad (I feel like an I Spy book...)

I also found some magnets for hanging pocket charts on my dry erase board and lots of great concept books. It is hard to say no to things for one dollar!!!   


The  animal action cards will be great for rainy days.  I will hold them up and have the kids perform the actions.

The packages of cards include rhyme matching and a couple of sorts.  The sign and community helper flashcards will be great for a bulletin board or class book.  The dotted number cards will be great for sequencing in a math tub. 


A couple more book boxes.  I will store student folders and journals in these. The pom poms will be for sorting by size or color.  I actually have rectangular three section trays that I will use with the pom poms.  I still had to take the circular trays for sorting buttons, coins, etc.  The little yellow square baskets are great for crayons and manipulatives.


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