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Pre-K Moments

I used to blog about things that happened in my classroom, ideas that worked...or didn't... It has been a while since I have written that kind of post...but today was that kind of here goes.

I tried a dice game as a "math station" today.  I found the free printable HERE and my students really enjoyed playing it.  The funny thing that happened was that one student kept telling me that her "dice had no four."  She was supposed to be working independently while I worked with a small group.  I told her a couple of times that of course it had a four (four dots).  Joke on me...when I finally checked it did not.  She is a pretty bright kid...and I am impressed that when she wasn't getting any fours, she actually checked.

This morning was that wonderful first cool morning in Texas (this year).  The kids were so funny coming in wearing sweaters and sweatshirts and telling me how cold it was outside.  The low for today was 64 degrees, but bless their four year old memories...this was the coldest morning that they could remember.  So, at playground time, when the temperature was well up into the seventies....they were all anxious to put all their new cold weather gear on.  I assured them that it had warmed up by now and they would be fine without the sweaters and sweatshirts....but one little guy told me he "was going to get all sweaty if he didn't wear his sweatshirt."  (As  Willie Wonka would say..."Reverse that...")

I could go on and on...but I'd love to hear the funny things that happened in your classroom.  Please share.  I will send my pumpkin life cycle printables to the first three great shares.



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