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Pre-K Gingerbread Man Exchange

11/3/11 Update:  Wow!  I have heard from 36 of you so far.  I am going to make three groups of 12.  Luckily, there are three Pre-K classes at my school, so I will get to see a gingerbread man that you have sent to my school, even if it is not to my own class.  I will compile the lists of addresses this Saturday.  I am still willing to make one more exchange of twelve classes, but I have to cut this off somewhere so...the deadline to email your address to me at is going to be tomorrow night (Friday, November 4th) at midnight.

Last year I joined in a gingerbread man exchange. The kids LOVED making paper gingerbread men to mail out to other classrooms and then LOVED getting paper gingerbread men in the mail. We made a bulletin board with a map to plot where our gingerbread men came from.  I had two problems with the exchange I participated in last year. It ran very late (we received many of our gingerbread men on the last day of school before Christmas vacation) and the exchange combined with another one which meant it got very big and included elementary classrooms. I would like to organize a Pre-K one this year. I will be limiting it to 12 classrooms (hopefully spread out all over the country). If there is more interest, we can look into forming a second separate exchange.

Last year my class read The Gingerbread Cowboy and decorated our gingerbread men to look like the book character. This year we will be decorating die cut gingerbread men (thank you to my principal who purchased a gingerbread man die cut for us to get me to be quiet for a while....).


Sign up by emailing me at  Please provide the address you want the gingerbread men mailed to.  

Send one paper gingerbread man decorated by the children to each of the other eleven classrooms by Friday, December 2, 2011.  

Along with each gingerbread man, include a BRIEF note mentioning a FEW facts you would like to share about your state or school.  (Examples might include the name of a local team, your school mascot, how many kids are in your class, etc.)

Please email me at with questions or to sign up.  As soon as I have twelve participants, I will email each one a list of addresses to mail the gingerbread men to.

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