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Organizing Letter Tiles

Sometimes I see an idea on Pinterest...and there is just no stopping until I have used it. This is one of those times.  I saw this storage box idea.

I thought about the letter tiles 

that I use at the beginning of the year for names and just knew I needed a similar storage box.  For one thing, it will be so much easier for the kids to find the letters they need.  I also love the idea of the kids learning to put the tiles back in the appropriate sections.

I found it at Jo-Ann's today. It was $7.99  (less my 15% teacher discount).  It's a Jewelry Designer NO SPILL Organizer by Darice.  We sure will test the NO SPILL part... but it really does close securely.  It has 32 sections (so a few will be empty).

 I added these stickers (both inside the compartments and on the lid).  I like associating a beginning sound photograph with the letters.

And here it is

I was surprised to realize how many of some of the letters I have.  I know I have at least two sets but previously they were all dumped in a plastic shoe box. I will probably put some of them away to improve the odds that the kids put them into the right compartments.

You can find the stickers at teachers supply stores or follow this link to Amazon.


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