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One Way to do Crayon Resist Names

Last year I used a yellow crayon to write the kids' names on white paper and then the kids painted over the names.  This year I really wanted the "punch" of white crayon on white paper (so it seems amazing when the names appear).  My first attempt was pathetic.  The sharp white crayon made thin lines when I wrote the names free hand.  My teaching partner, Catherine, came up with this plan:  We typed the kids' names on a word document in 175 font.  I may be the very last person on earth to know this, but did you know that you can make the font bigger than the scroll down options?  You just type the number you want into the box instead of choosing from the drop down menu.  I have always felt so limited by the font size choices in making items for the classroom, but no longer!  So, we used white crayons to trace over the name on a piece of copy paper.  We could go over and over the letters to make them appear thick. This would be a great time to use an old broken white crayon if you have one.

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