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October Updates

I have had lots of emails about the Gingerbread Exchange.  Yes, I will be organizing it again this year.  I will post all the details on Thursday, November 1.  

I have also had lots of questions about the pumpkin growing project.  I am doing it in my own classroom for the third year in a row.  We have LOTS of sprouts again this year.,  I am going to try planting it in a pot this year.  I don't really have room, but I get so many questions about whether it can be done, that I have to find out and report for myself.  I will let you know how it goes....

I am anxiously waiting for the software for the Lakeshore giveaway.  I will post as soon as I receive it!

My students are loving the monster google eye counting and adding activity:

You can read about my Monster Printables Here.

I have opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Please visit it, download one of my FREE printables, and leave positive feedback and/or become a follower.  

And...I have just begun working on a Thanksgiving Printable download.  I love to hear what you are looking for in your classroomsl   I will send the file for free to the first three people who give me a great idea that I end up using in the printable. (So far I have a turkey puzzle to cut and glue, an emergent reader about Going on a Turkey Hunt, turkey feather counting, and a beginning sounds activity....)


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