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  • Eilis

Ocean Ideas

Today we added jellyfish to our ocean wall.  We made our jellyfish by placing four pieces of ribbon along the bottom of a rectangle of contact paper.  Next, we sprinkled a few pieces of glitter on the sticky side of the contact paper.  Finally, we folded the contact paper in half and trimmed off the corners.  Lots of adult help needed....but the results were pretty fun.  I let the kids play around with their "jellyfish" for a while before we stapled them to our growing ocean mural.

Also, we are now ready to work on 100 piece puzzles.  I have usually been able to do this from December on...but this is the first time it has really taken with this class.  Anyway, I have a dollar store ocean themed puzzle set up a tray, and everyone works on it when they finish early or during center time.  It is coming along well!  There is so much to be learned about teamwork, cooperation, sharing, etc. while doing a large puzzle with a group of children.


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