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  • Eilis

New class book idea

I have a new idea to list under Emergent Literacy - Names.  We read the book A My Name is Alice and then created our own pages using the formula ____ My name is _________ and I like ___.  We have lots of names that start with C and L, so we had candy, cupcakes, and lots of lollipops.  One little boy who needed a word that started with H (since his name started with H) was stuck.  He didn't want to choose hamburgers, hotdogs, hats, or helicopters.  We put it down to think about for a while.  In a few minutes he was "helping" me, which he very often does.  We both loved the idea of him choosing "likes to help."  He then looked down at his own school t-shirt and copied the letters (mirror image) to go on his picture with two characters he drew.  Every year I laminate and selfishly save one of the class books we make.  I think I know which one it will be this year....


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