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Moving to a new classroom

I am very excited to be moving to a new school this fall!  My classroom will be smaller than I'm used to, but has many positives (sink, computer, printer, access to a library, to name a few things).   I'm busy thinking of space saving solutions for the new environment.  I will also be working without an assistant at this school, so I am rethinking classroom management to make this work.  

I have had a lot of fun playing in Vistaprint over the last couple of days. Check out "Ideas" to see what I have made for the classroom and follow the link if you are interested.  Shop carefully - you can make many things for no cost as long as you choose from the free items.  You will need to pay shipping, but it is still a great deal.  I also hear they send out emails about shipping specials.

Enjoy your summer!

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