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I bought a gallon of milk today and the expiration date on it was May 3rd.  Yikes...this school year is almost over!  For the last few weeks a little voice has been telling me that it is almost time to let them go. They are all very ready for kindergarten.  Two of them made an open/closed sign for our center chart last week.  Yesterday several of them colored their caterpillars in a "pattern" which I had not suggested or expected. Today after making a class book related to the Very Hungry Caterpillar, they spontaneously made pages for their own predictable class book during center time.  They drew foods such as strawberries above a squiggly blue line and dictated sentences to me such as "Five strawberries fell from the sky and landed in the water." They noticed that the clock was wrong when the battery died. They tell me (excitedly)  when they hear rhyming words. They are trying inventive spelling.  They love books and words and learning.  It has been a great year.  I envy their kindergarten teachers!

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