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  • Eilis

Math Ideas

I have added two new printables to the Math Center page.  One is Pumpkin Counting the other is a dice graphing game for shapes.  Check them out.:)

Also, I am very excited about a new project.  I am making a big math journal for our class to do together.  I got the idea from Kathryn at  I don't think my Pre-K students are ready for individual math journals, but I do think they will love learning about math concepts in this way.  My first question is:  Do we have more boys or girls in our class?  I plan to have the kids help me count, represent the numbers with pictures of boys on one side and girls on the other side. Then, once we have decided, we will show the answer with a less than or greater than sign in the middle.  I plan to leave this big book out so kids can look back at what we have done.  In case you can't tell, I am very excited about trying this!


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