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  • Eilis

Making Alphabet Magnets from Old Magazines

This is another fun idea for the ABC center that I discovered at  The original source of the idea is . So, I cut out colorful letters from old magazines (my son's ESPN Magazines were very fruitful...) and purchased one self-adhesive magnet sheet at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  I placed all my letters all over the sticky side of the magnet sheet and then began cutting.  This was VERY easy, but if doing it again, I might cut the letters out big and sloppy from the magazines and then tidy them up when cutting them out on the magnet sheet.  Anyway, here is the project.  I purchased the container in the seasonal aisle at Target today for $2.  I love that the letters can be stored in it, and there are four flat surfaces for kids to make words on. 


My computer is confused and wants to show you this picture instead of the picture of how to make the alphabet magnets (same picture number).  So, let's just go with it.  I made these bottle cap math manipulatives with garage sale price stickers after seeing the idea on


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