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  • Eilis

In the Tall, Tall Grass

I combined some ideas that I found on two very creative kindergarten sites: and to come up with a Pre-K version of this project.  I LOVE the grass cutting part.  I have lots of kids who are using scissors for the very first time.  This gives them great practice and really works on those fine motor skills.  I also LOVE the book, In the Tall, Tall Grass.  Lucky me, I have big book version of it.  It is so engaging for young learners.  It includes pictures they love, big clear print, AND rhyming and alliteration.  It's just an all around great choice for an for early childhood read aloud.  So here's what I came up with:

After cutting the "tall grass,"  each child created insects from construction paper shapes, google eyes, and markers.  Each child also chose a phrase from the book to glue onto the grass.


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