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I love centers

Today was one of those Monday mornings.  We got a new student.  The teacher next door was absent and wanted me to print her lesson plans for the sub.  Her lesson plans were in a format that I couldn't get to print, so countless people kept coming by and asking me to print them... So finally, I got the "computer guy" to come help.  He had trouble wasn't just me... Anyway, let's just say that our morning meeting didn't go well with all the interruptions.   It was one of those Monday mornings when you wonder if you are really cut out to teach after all...

Then, it was center time.  Suddenly all the work of setting up the Vet center, having a painting project ready to go, and all the usual standbys just fell into place.  Kids were writing in several centers, kids were helping each other with puzzles, kids were putting numbers in order.  I got out my camera to update our class Shutterfly site.  I got so many precious photos of kids dressed up as vets carefully treating stuffed dogs, kids observing the pumpkin sprout, kids reading books we made in class.  OK, I do love teaching Pre-K.  Maybe we should just do centers all day tomorrow   (Just kidding if you are my principal...)

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