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  • Eilis


We have been studying flowers.  I picked up one with roots and all at the grocery store on the way to work one morning.  I pulled it out of its plastic pot to show everyone what roots looked like.  Then, we made the sunflower diagrams that you can see under "Spring."  I was so proud of the kids as they tackled this project.  Everyone was eager to glue on the real sunflower seeds and to label their flowers correctly. Then, we had one of those great Pre-K moments.  One of the kids noticed that the pumpkin plant that we planted outside our window last fall had  big orange flowers.  We brought the kindergarten teacher  in to see it.  She brought her class outside to see it.  Later, the principal came by on another matter, soon we had her involved.  The kids were thrilled.  Yup, a great day in Pre-K!


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