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Dr. Jean

I am one very motivated Pre-K teacher today.  Why?  Because I have just completed three great days of professional development at Region 4 in Houston.

Dr. Jean was the speaker (ALL DAY) today!  Yes, I do know how lucky I am. (That's me in the picture with her)  I have always loved Dr. Jean's music, website, and more recently her blog and youtube videos.  I expected to enjoy today.  Dr. Jean's presentation completely exceeded my expectations.  She has so much energy and really wants to share her ideas with teachers.  If you ever have the opportunity to see her present, run don't walk.  

In the mean time, I am sure she wouldn't mind me showing you a couple of great ideas that she shared today.

In this picture she had us put a rubberband around our wrist and then put it around the pen or pencil in our grip.  It gives amazing support for kids who have a hard time holding a pencil correctly. She said that Silly Bands would actually be better, but we were working with what was available.  I will definitely be trying it.

And she also showed us a fun way to assess whether students know their shapes, colors, letters, etc.  She put a sheet of paper with the relevant information inside a zipper plastic bag.  Students move the zipper up and down stopping by the letter (shape, color, etc.) that the teacher calls out. How simple and fun is that ?!

Well, I am not going to give away all her wonderful ideas.  Be sure to check out her blog and website for the new ones she adds all the time.  But before I go...I have to show you my new, autographed Dr. Jean CD!

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