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I had one of those moments today.  The kids have been making a journal entry each day since we started back in January.  We eat lunch in our classroom, and it works beautifully to have each child work on his/her journal as he/she finishes lunch (before starting free choice centers).  I am able to spend a few minutes with the kids teaching them how to invent their spellings.  I have one child who started late in the year and does not yet know the names or sounds of half of the letters.  I can dictate letter names to him to work on this.  I have other students who are beginning to read and do their writing completely independently.  Most fall in between.  They tell me what they drew and I help them hear the sounds of the words they want to write.

Anyway, our schedule was interrupted by unexpected guests from another class today.  As the kids finished lunch, I gave them another activity to do since the guests would not have journals and frankly I had too many kids to do what we usually do.  My kids were really disappointed.  I discovered that they really love their journal time.  I knew it was really helping them to "get" reading and writing.  I didn't realize how much they enjoy the activity.  Wow.

Here are some samples:

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