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  • Eilis

Color Mixing Bottle

Why would I spend $1.25 on one bottle of water at the grocery store?  Because it will be so cool as a discovery bottle.  The brand is VOSS and apparently the water is from Norway.  The bottle is 16.9 fl. oz. I tried it for a reusable yellow/red color mixing bottle that I saw here and wanted to make for my classroom. They used wax shavings or tempera paint.  I actually cheated and just used red food coloring in water for 1/3 of the bottle and canola oil (yellow) for another 1/3.  When shaken, the mixture is a pinkish orange. (If you just shake it gently, you see red bubbles in the yellow oil which is another cool thing for the kids to observe.)

I do like the bright orange color better and I plan to make one with paint soon.  As always, I will hot glue the lid on to prevent spills.  I am thinking about moving the contents of all my old discovery bottles into these VOSS bottles because they just look scientific. The two clear adhesive labels were very easy to remove. These plastic bottles will also be more compact to store.


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