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Chapter 8 of Literacy Beginnings

There is a great overview of Chapter 8 at  Thank you Leslie for your enthusiasm.  It is contagious.

I really liked two suggestions from the chapter.  One, "Phoneme Fun," suggested introducing a puppet by name and explaining that he has a little problem that makes him start everyone's name with the same letter.  If his name is Larry, he calls Ron and George Lon and  Lorge. That is exactly the kind of fun I love to include in Pre-K!  I already sing a song that goes to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It."  I use names of kids in the classroom and it goes:

If you change the M in Mike to a B, If you change the M in Mike to a B, If you change the M in Mike to a B you get a bike, If you change the M in Mike into to a B.  This song brings on many giggles and hopefully some phonemic awareness. 

I also like the idea from the chapter of playing "I am going on a picnic and I am going to bring a ____" where everyone names something that starts with a given sound.  This is simple and will make a good game for those times we find ourselves waiting for a few minutes.

We do a "sound muncher" called Letter Pig.  When the kids feed him items that start with a letter, they change the beginnning sound of his "oink."  For instance, if we feed him a "sock," he says "soink" (with help from the class :)).

I bought the pig trash can at Container Store years ago.  I am not sure whether they still carry it or not.  (Can you believe that I once left Letter Pig on the floor in my room with lots of items in it and came back to school the next day to find it empty except for a plastic trash can liner?!)

Please share a something fun you do in your classroom to work on phonological awareness.


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