Letter Collages

This year we are doing both uppercase and lowercase:


A is made from heavy duty aluminum foil.  

Black beans on blue paper for Bb.


Cotton cloud letter C  

 I wanted a change from the usual dots this year...so I made some paper dominoes.  You can print them here: Dominoes.pdf

I cut them with the paper cutter before giving them to the kids to glue on. 



 Gold glitter glued on green 


 The kids punched "holes" in letter H. 


 For letter "i" the kids stamped precut strips of construction paper with insect stamps.  They put together the pieces and then glued them down.


 One of the kids' favorites:  the jewel J.  I purchased 1 pound of jewels at Hobby Lobby on a half price sale (so about $8 for a lifetime supply...)

I have done the L from lace in the past.  This year we are introducing the letters in a different order and so L fell in fall.  While I love these fall leaves, I will choose smaller ones next year. 





 We painted purple polka dots on our P and glued it to pink paper. (We used bingo markers from Dollar Tree). 




The children cut squares from strips of construction paper and glued them onto an upper and lowercase letter S I had drawn. 


For letter "t" the kids twisted pieces of tissue paper and glued them to a T that I had drawn on the construction paper.  





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