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Make a glove from two freezer bags (one inside the other) and a layer of shortening between them. Have the children experience how blubber protects arctic animals from the cold by putting a hand in ice water with the glove and the other without a glove.
Free Printable Winter Wonderland Count Game from Lakeshore:
Winter Game
This snowmen was made from white fun foam, buttons, twigs, felt (scarf), a cut off baby sock (cap), and three orange pompoms (small, medium, large) for a nose (teachers hot-glued the noses) and small black pompoms for the mouth. We sent a note home with students (stapled to a ziploc bag) encouraging them to bring items like seeds, bottle caps, etc. to make snowmen like the ones in Snowballs.
Snowballs_Note _1_.pdf


Link to print Jan Brett's characters:

I cut, colored, and laminated the animals, but use a real yarn mitten.

Emergent Reader from Hubbard's Cupboard:

Teacher color version:

After reading One Mitten, I have students complete a page for our class book: One Mitten Can Be...

Printable page: One_Mitten_Class_Book.pdf

I found pictures of mittens using Google images, cut them out and glued them to our big math journal. We measured how many cubes long each was.


Free Alphabet Mitten printable from Lakeshore:Lakeshore Mitten Printables 

We read several books about penguins in class. They are very interesting birds! Each child chose one fact to write about. We hung the facts above penguins made using these directions:


They were a big hit!  


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