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All About Me/ Five Senses


Above: A Me collage made by a parent and student at Open House. The cut out is from Lakeshore.


Our first unit of the school year incorporates two themes: I Am Special and My Five Senses. The first letters of the week are "M" and "S."

Polar Bear, Polar Bear,What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle



Class Made Book: Our Favorite Foods


Each child brings in a magazine picture of his/her favorite food. We add photographs and each page has a caption like "John likes pizza." These pages will be removed from the class book at the end of the year and added to the students' "Me Books."


Five Senses Activities:


For sense of smell, I send a lunch bag home with each child. Attached is a label explaining that I would like them to bring in one (non-returnable) item with a smell. We play a guessing game at circle with the bags and then put them in the science center.


For sense of touch, I place items in a cloth bag (one at a time). Students take turns feeling items and guessing what they are. This also goes to the science center after it has been done as a large group. This activity can be done with a blind fold instead of a bag, so the other kids can see the item.


For sense of hearing, I purchased a Farm Animal Sounds bingo at Walmart for around $3 at back to school time. There is a cd with animal sounds and the kids mark bingo cards as they hear the sounds. We do this during "station" (small group) time.


For sense of sight, we look at tiny items through a magnifying glass. We also compare salt and sugar (during S week) which look alike but taste very different.


For sense of taste, we taste green, red, and yellow apple slices. We make a graph of which we liked best. (Be sure to have the kids taste away from the group to get random responses).


For I am special:


I place a mirror in the bottom of a box with a lid. Each child gets a turn to come up an look at the very special thing in the box. Of course they cannot tell what they saw until everyone has had a turn.


To celebrate the end of letter "P" week we wear our pajamas to school and pop popcorn. The kids get to use their senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch for this experience!


Here is a printable book to work on each month of the year:




To make a class book following the formula _________ is as __________ as a _______________.


Print this page: QuietCricket Class Book.pdf Help each child to fill in the blanks and then have the child illustrate in the box.

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