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Writing Center

I never seem to update this page of the website since the writing center is basically an area with materials to inspire young writers to put thoughts on paper. I have decided to make a visual list of things I put in the writing center (clicking on any picture will take you to the item at Amazon, the brands may or may not be the ones in my classroom.)

clipboards, alphabet stampers, alphabet stencils, washable markers, colored pencils,

envelopes, erasers, pencil sharpeners, dry erase boards, dry erase markers,

Picture flashcards which I hole-punch and put on a binder ring, Lakeshore's version of a Magnadoodle, storage drawers for the pencils, etc.

Write and wipe placemats, alphabet poster, student names written on laminated cards.

Students love making books in the writing center.
We make valentine cards in the writing center in February.
The tubs and drawers below hold pencils, paper, stencils, name cards, dry erase boards, magnetic writing boards, and other writing tools.


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