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Starting School

The term "Back to School" doesn't really work in Pre-K. For the most part, I am the only one in the classsroom who is coming back to school. Everyone is either experiencing school for the very first time or coming from a less structured program for three-year-olds. Here are some of my favorite activities for the first days:


There is a free downloadable song that goes along with the book

here at Harper Collins.

You can see the pages here.

One more on Youtube.

My kids LOVE it! There is also a color themed book. I will be including that one under the Color theme page.

I also made a book with photos of adults we see at school. I found the idea on Dr. Jean's site:

Scroll down to "The Name of my School." I actually called mine "The Name of my Teacher." 


Great First Day


Great First Day Printable

I have a new free printable for the first day of Preschool/Pre-K at my Teachers Notebook Shop.

Alphabets licensed from

My Year in Pre-K Printable Book

There are some extra pages at the end in case your school year begins or ends before or after mine. There is also a second cover with the word "Preschool." Please let me know if you print this book by either commenting here or clicking "like" on Facebook. Also, please let me know if there is another adaptation of the cover or one of the pages that you would like.


You can dowload the My Own Topher font free here.

Have you seen this adorable treat? We had them waiting in the kids' cubbies for them to find during "Meet the Teacher" this year. They were a hit.

The link to print them is here


We do lots of name activities during the first days of school. You can see them HERE.

Rules and Routines

We go over our rules every morning and more often when needed.

We learn how to walk in line with "hugs and bubbles" to help us keep quiet and keep our hands to ourselves.

We grow more independent each day at unpacking our backpacks, putting our name cards into the "Who's here today" pocket chart, and choosing table work (blue tubs) to do.


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