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I have added a new FREE Printable Pizza Game at my Teachers Notebook Shop:


Please visit and see the other fun printable activities available there.


I drew a pizza slice on manila paper. The kids cut it out. I pre-cut the red "sauce" so it would let some crust show. They topped it with pieces of yellow paper for cheese and red paper circles for pepperoni. I was the only one who wanted something other than cheese and pepperoni....


Make a class book about favorite types of pizza:

Pizza Class Book Page

We Like Pizza Class Book Cover

I found this pizza song at Kinderpond (link below) and made it into a printable:


Pizza Song


I found this cute pepperoni pizza math activity at:


Pizza Shop

Down around the corner in the pizza shop

There were lots of pieces of pizza with pepperoni on top

Along came (child's name) all alone

He (or She) bought one that had (# of pepperonis) pepperoni

And took it home

Note: Do this with a pizza drawing (or feltboard) removing a piece of


pizza with the specified number of pepperonis with each verse.


I created this printable to use with the activity. I printed them on cardstock, laminated them, trimmed them to the shape of the pizza slices, added adhesive magnets, and use them on a pizza pan. FUN!


1 to 4 pepperonis


5 to 8 pepperonis

Big Math Journal: Pizza Half and Whole

Make a Pizza online:


Here are some pizza printables:

There are great pizza poems and songs at Kinderpond

Pizza making sequence printable at

Amazing pizza dramatic play printables at Sparklebox

Cute pizza book to make: Virtual Vine 


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