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Apples and Handwashing

We put a clean apple slice in one jar. We passed another apple slice around the class as we came in from recess with dirty hands. We have been observing the two jars in the science center. This is the difference after 8 days - gross! (This picture doesn't really show the mold,)


A good book to go along with this activity:

A good related activity is to rub some hand lotion and glitter on your own hands, then shake hands with students. Have students look at their own hands to see the glitter that has moved from your hand to theirs.


Making Butter

We shook whipping cream in a clear plastic jar until we had fresh butter.


Celery stalks placed in water mixed with red and blue food coloring.


Color Mixing

Read Mouse Paint and let the kids mix primary paint colors to create new colors.
This wonderful eye dropper color mixing activity can be printed at
Add a few drops of primary colored food coloring to water and mix to make green, purple, and orange.
An idea I borrowed from

Making an Egg Float

Be sure to use RAW eggs (I learned from experience...) The egg in a glass of plain water will sink, but if you mix salt into the water, the egg floats due to "density."



Big fun (and a big mess) cornstarch and water. The kids love squeezing it into a solid and watching it drip as a liquid.


Dazzle and amaze your students by shining pennies! I put a few mildly tarnished pennies in an empty plastic soda bottle. I add vinegar and baking soda before putting the lid back on. The kids then take turns shaking the bottle. Once everyone has a had a turn we check out the results. (I don't suggest using dark brown pennies...the results will not be as rewarding). 


We cut open a small pumpkin to see the seeds and added soil and water. Here is the first sprout!

We later transplanted the pumpkin plant to the area right below our classroom window.


There was big excitement when one of the students noticed that our pumpkin plant had flowers!


(The plant is a little smaller after dying back in a freeze. We'll never really know whether different seeds from the original pumpkin germinated in spring.) 

Pond Life

Scholastic offers this free printable tadpole puppet.


I have not used it yet, but plan to make one out of card stock and laminate it for my science center next year. 

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