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We love finding out who has which letters in their names. We make a page for each letter using a color to highlight the letter each time it appears in someone's name. 


I wrote each child's name in pencil and had them rainbow trace it in crayon during the first week of school.


I wrote each child's name in yellow crayon and intended for them to paint the whole paper with watercolor paint and see the letters show through. This child enjoyed painting close to the name with a very good result.

Update: This year my teaching partner figured out how to write with white crayon on white paper. Thanks Catherine! First we printed the kids' names in 175 font. Did you know that you can type in a number bigger than 70 to get a really big font? I didn't but now I do!


Then, it is easy to trace over the name with white crayon on a piece of copy paper. I love the results when the kids painted with watercolor over the white crayon.


This project using sequins is good for teaching the kids how to use small drops of glue. I wrote the child's name in pencil and they glued the sequins on top.


I printed these letter tile cards from I added each student's name and picture before laminating.


Link to a great and free name stamping printable:

Class Book for A My Name is Alice

Printable cover: N_My_Name_is.pdf

Pocket Chart

I made this pocket chart to go along with Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? 
Children take turns filling in the animal word and picture as we chant it as a class. 


The kids love reading this popular nursery rhyme with picture clues.
We end each day with this warm and fun rebus book.
Class-made Books
Some titles of the books we make as a class:
-When the Firefighters Visited Our School
-Our Silly Jack-o-lanterns
-What We are Thankful For
-Kinder Prep and the Gingerbread Man
-Our Snowmen
-The Very Hungry Kinder Prep 
-Our Cloud Book
Sample pictures appear in the Photo Gallery under Emergent Literacy

Magnetic Letters

I introduce this cookie tin with five magnetic letters at circle time. I start by telling them that i t spells "it." Then I ask them what will happen if I change the t to an f, etc. After we have done it several times, I leave it out for them to do independently during center time.

Letter Pig

Our version of a sound muncher is a garbage can that looks like a pig. The kids take turns feeding him items that begin with the letter sound we are studying. Then, the whole class make the sound he would make for that letter. So, if the letter is "M," Letter Pig says "moink, moink" instead of oink, oink. I purchased the pig at The Container Store. He is pictured in the Photo Gallery under Emergent Literacy. Photo Gallery

Word Dog

Word Dog was offered in a Valentine's Day card promotion. His mouth has magnets to hold a card. In our classroom, he holds a word each week. We read the word at Circle Time (starting about the middle of the year).

Letter chart

Another use for one of those one dollar pocket charts from Target...
For each week's letter, I put images from flash cards and clip art. It is a handy reference when I ask students to tell me something that starts with the letter __________.   

Bottle of B's

During Letter B Week, students pass this bottle around the circle and take turns naming something in it that starts with the "B' sound. Items include a bear, bobbin, butterfly, boat, basket, ball, bobbin, brush, band-aid, boy, bell, bracelt, bow, bird, bead, etc There is a picture in the Photo Gallery in the Emergent Literacy album..Photo Gallery

Printable Labels for the Classroom

Letter Tiles offers printable letter tile activities for many themes.

Interactive Books

Bulletin Boards

Wonderful Free Printables for Emergent Readers

Print as many different cvc word bingo cards as you need for your class:


Print lots of great little books:


Hello Friends Book:


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