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ABC Center

I have added some new ABC centers on the Blog. Click on the word blog to see them.

There are some cvc picture cards in the green basket. Kids can clip a picture card with a magnetic clothespin if they want to make the words with the the magnetic letters.

ABC bands

I printed these pages from I think they work well for matching alphabet bands.

Letter Stamps

Do It Yourself

I found this great abc sorting drawer idea at I used scrapbook papers that related to the letter sound for mine. Luckily, I already had lots of little items for the kids to sort into the drawers. (It is up on the file cabinet right now. At the beginning of Pre-K this would be way too much.)

Here they are in use:

I came up with this idea when I saw these little 1/2 inch wooden cubes at Hobby Lobby:

My students would say, "Easy peasy."

As a someone on Pinterest commented about these blocks, they would also work well as alphabet dice.

Another fun way to work with letters: I painted letters on small, flat, river stones. A bag of about sixty cost $3.00 at Walmart. I painted them with with paint pens (upper case on one side of the stone and lower case on the other). This should make it easy for students to make their names with an upper case first letter.



I found the font on a similar game that I had printed from another website was too difficult for my kids. I printed this very simple one on colored cardstock paper, laminated it, trimmed the extra paper, and wrote uppercase letters on clothespins. 

Printable font sort for the letters a, m, b, f can be found here:




Printable font sort for the letters g, y, c, r can be found here: font_sort_2.pdf


A blank chart is included in font sort 2 in case you want students to choose the categories (place letters on the top of each column). 

Caterpillar Alphabet (made from Gatorade lids).
Alphabet Board can be found in Scholastic's Shoe Box Learning Centers Alphabet. I also found the caterpillar bottle cap idea in this book.

Links to Free Alphabet Printables: has great printables for ABC in Patternblocks:

and ABC for Geoboards:

Alphabet Bingo to laminate and trace:

Activity Village Alphabet Matching Printable has some wonderful free printables that I use in the ABC center. Here is the link to one that is done with clothespins: has a great free printable upper and lower case matching puzzle here: has several free printable alphabet games:


I believe you will need to join their site, but membership is free.

I used this rabbit shaped egg tray from the Easter section at Walmart as a place for the students to put the upper and lower case eggs once they found the matches.
Here is a paper version at
I printed it on different colors of cardstock and laminated them before cutting out the eggs.
Here is a link to a great printable alphabet bingo game:

Alphabet Magnets Made from Old Magazines

This is another fun idea for the ABC center that I discovered at The original source of the idea is . So, I cut out colorful letters from old magazines (my son's ESPN Magazines were very fruitful...) and purchased one self-adhesive magnet sheet at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. I placed all my letters all over the sticky side of the magnet sheet and then began cutting. This was VERY easy, but if doing it again, I might cut the letters out big and sloppy from the magazines and then tidy them up when cutting them out on the magnet sheet. Anyway, here is the project. I purchased the container in the seasonal aisle at Target today for $2. I love that the letters can be stored in it, and there are four flat surfaces for kids to make words on..

Stickers from Target Dollar Spot

One of my exciting back to school finds was a package of round alphabet stickers. I added them to these little wooden circles from Hobby Lobby ($2.99 for 22, but often on sale for 40% off...)

And this is the result :)

Dollar Store Finds

These puzzles are from the Target Dollar Spot (Summer 2011)

I added uppercase/lowercase matching to the puzzle above.

Dollar Tree Magnets and Cookie Sheets

Letter Builders from Lakeshore


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