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New Gingerbread Printables on the blog HERE.

Printable Clear the Cookie Sheet Game

Print and cut these gingerbread cards on cardstock: Gingerbread_clear_the_cookie_sheet.pdf


I like to laminate them and add a little piece of magnetic tape to the back of each card. To play, each child starts with either ten or twenty gingerbread men (whatever is appropriate to the age group) on a cookie sheet (from the dollar store). The players take turns rolling the die. The player removes the number of gingerbread men indicated on the die. The first one to clear the cookie sheet is the winner. (A small holiday cookie tin makes great storage for the playing cards. Players put the cards in the tin as they remove them from the cookie sheet.)

Printable Gingerbread House Number Puzzle


I print this on cardstock, laminate it, and use a paper cutter to make vertical cuts so I end up with ten "slices." Students do the puzzle by putting the numbers in order from one to ten. There is a picture of the Fire truck version on the Printables page. 

One Yummy Gingerbread Man

The book is completed by doing the following:

Print these pages: One_Yummy_Gingerbread_Man_Book.pdf

Cut each page in half vertically.

If you don't have a die cut gingerbread man, you can use these gingerbread men:

but you will need to cut the legs apart before having the kids do the tearing.


Glue a complete gingerbread man to the cover. On each of the following pages, tear off the appropriate pieces before gluing. (There will be less remaining gingerbread man on each successive page). For the crunch page, just glue "crumbs" made from the discarded pieces. Attach pages with staples or a binding machine. 

One Yummy Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Math


Cookie Counting (we stuck the foam sticker gingerbread people to paper and cut around the paper so that they could be used over and over.

Printable Pocket Chart Graph:


I give each child one gingerbread man to eat. I tell them to take one bite and then we graph what they bit first before finishing the cookies. I use student name cards in the pocket chart to record the answers.


Gingerbread Man Emergent Reader

Stacey Miller from N.J. shared this fun printable:


Gingerbread Links

Cute story sequence cards and more:

Boy and Girl coloring sheet:

Gingerbread gift box printable:

Gingerbread men matching game:

Adorable gingerbread letter matching from

Comparing Size from

Gingerbread counting game (I just printed the game board pages since the probability would be too complicated for Pre-K). I use a dice and holiday erasers as player pieces.


Gingerbread erase a rhyme (Huge hit with the kids! Teacher draws gingerbread man on dry erase board)

Gingerbread Man poem (I write it on sentence strips and put it in a pocket chart:

Lots of printables:

Great Printable Gingerbread Man Positional Work Book

Gingerbread take home activity 

Gingerbread Man Exchange


Gingerbread Journal


Gingerbread Bulletin Board


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