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Book Center


I recently received this from parents at the school's Scholastic Book Fair. I added the headphones. The four buttons correspond to the four stories. I like easy! It is actually in my listening center, but for purposes of this website I am including it in the Book Center. (Update: I am finding that the kids don't turn it off since the switch is tiny and on the back. So...the batteries always seem to be dead. This is going to have to be something to ask the teacher for and return to the teacher. Scholastic, if you read this, please add an automatic shut off...)


There are some great labels for book boxes here:

The stuffed animals are collected from the Kohl's Cares For Kids Book promotions. The armchair type pillows can be found where sheets and pillows are sold. They make a comfortable reading spot.

Pictures for this felt board activity were printed from

Mouse Count

I found these 10 cute mice in the cat toy section at Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, there were only two in each package. I figured it was worth the splurge because I had the Beanie Baby snake already and the plastic jar came with rice in it. (Hint: use a blow dryer to help remove adhesive labels from plastic jars/bottles).

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