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This is a new free printable in my Teacher's Notebook shop. Just add two playing pieces (I use two different colors of small plastic frogs) and a die with the numbers one and two written all over it. (I used a permanent marker on a 1/2 inch foam cube.)

I have posted some Ice Cream themed activities on my Teachers Notebook Shop.

These puzzles can be printed below. I like to print on card stock, laminate, and cut the strips with a paper cutter. The template is for you to add pictures of your own from magazines, etc.

Number_ puzzle_Fire.pdf

Number_ puzzle_Halloween.pdf





Dot Cards

These printable cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler can be used with all kinds of manipulatives:


Pre-K Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review

Finger Counting Printables

This version is for simple matching:


This version does not have numbers:




This version could be used with clothespins or other manipulatives:


Printable Number Puzzles

Number Matching Game

I saw these cute flower coasters at Michael's (8 pack for a dollar) and picked up two packages to make a matching game. Here is a printable for the numbers: Number_match_game.pdf

Printable Pumpkin Counting

Printable Pumpkin Counting

Math Tubs

These one inch plastic frogs are from Oriental Trading.

Frog Counting mats can be printed here:


Patterning with Sports Erasers.pdf

The pdf file includes both patterning and sorting. 

I just loved this idea from She used number stickers and garage sale price tags to make some great math manipulatives.


I purchased the alphabet/number stickers at Target for 99 cents. I used a 1 and a 0 to make the nine, since the nine in the package looked like a six.  


Here's a printable dice game to use with the bottle cap numbers.The game is played with one die (either with dots or numbers on it). Each player will need a game board and six bottle caps with (one each of the numbers 1 through 6). Have the kids place the correct bottle caps in the corresponding number columns. Players take turns rolling a die and removing the corresponding numbered bottle cap. If they roll a number that they have already rolled, they will not remove a bottle cap during that turn.

There are two versions of this game. One version has ten flowers on a game card, the other has twenty flowers. I wrote 0, 1, and 2 on one of the foam cubes from the dollar spot at Target. I purchased the flower erasers in the birthday party supply area at Walmart. Each bag of 35 is one dollar. Students take turns rolling and add the appropriate number of flowers to their game card. Players may either choose one color for all their flowers or have a mixture of colors.





Dollar Tree Magnets and Cookie Sheets
The kids love rolling these large dollar store rubber dice in a clear plastic box. They count the dots, add the total (usually counting again), and announce the sum.
Coin Sorting - I used stickers of the coins when I made this. I found them in the teacher supply department at Office Depot. They are also available at Amazon. Here's the link:
Cookie Counting (we stuck the foam sticker gingerbread people to paper and cut around the paper so that they could be used over and over.
Laminated hundred chart puzzle. This can be made more difficult by cutting the pieces into smaller groups of numbers.​
Pattern caterpillars with pom poms. (Printed from Mailbox Magazine Companion Preschool April/May 2010 Learning Centers). We also do this with sticker circles, paint daubers, etc.
The animal cage sheets were printed from
Kids roll the dice and add the appropriate number of animal shaped erasers to fill their cages.
Something to do with extra bottle caps, big buttons, and other junk you have on hand: Shape sort with junk printable sheets: Shape Sort
Here is a great activity from to use with dominoes:
Shari Sloane offers some wonderful printable dice games on her site.
Here are some printable pattern cards to use with Unifix Cubes from the Communication for all website:

Another great source of math activities: k-5mathteachingresource

(I did not copy my fire engine number puzzle from that site. Like minds think alike....)

Counting Printable from Mr. Printable:

Free Printable Pattern Block Shapes and Tangrams: 


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