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Does your class enjoy Pinkalicious as much as mine does?  I am putting together a presentation for the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children next week.  The topic is activities to follow up the read aloud.  These are some of the activities I use with  Pinkalicious:

I purchased a couple of sets of these adorable cupcakes at the Target Dollar Spot recently.  A package of six cost $3.00.  The muffin tins are from the Dollar Tree.

I use them introduce addition.  We add the number of cupcakes in one pan to the number in the other pan.  The pink cupcakes are also a prop with my "Pinkalicious" puppet.

I made her out of a puppet from Oriental Trading.

and added a skirt and tiara from Dollar Tree.

The skirt was too long, so I doubled it before hand stitching it to the puppet.  I used a couple of stiches to attach the tiara to the puppet's head as well.  I may add wings some day...

And here are some props that go along with the puppet:

Dollar Tree pink tinted star glasses for the kids to wear!  (They can literally see the world through rose tinted glasses....)

Dollar Tree pink flowers for Pinkalicious to blend into....

and plastic green foods.  (The apple and bell pepper came from Dollar Tree.  The peas and pepper were in our play food.)

I use the props along with the read aloud, and then put them in the puppet center for the kids to use.  There is also a "Peter" puppet in the set of puppets from Oriental Trading.  We use him "as is."

Do you have a great activity that you do with Pinkalicious?  If so, please comment.

And....I am very grateful to have my laptop up and running again!  I hope to get the Valentine Exchange list out this weekend.  The response was wonderful as usual.  Sorry, the exchange is now closed.  


  • Eilis

Wow - it's almost February!  I am going to organize the Pre-K Valentine Exchange again this year.  I have made some changes which I hope will simplify things (for me anyway...).

If you wish for your class to participate, please email the following information to me at by Tuesday, January 29th.  PLEASE email your school name, your name, and school address to me EXACTLY as it would appear on an envelope addressed to you.  (If you prefer to use your home address, please do likewise.)  


          Sweetheart School

          Attn:  Mrs. Heart's Pre-K Class

          123 Lover's Lane

          Lace, TX 77777

 I want to be able to copy and paste your information directly from your email to my list.  Also, please send the email from the email address that you want to be contacted at, so I can simply "reply" to your email.  Please send one email per teacher/class participating.

I am going to put everyone on one giant list with the directions that your class should send one homemade paper Valentine to the twelve classes that follow you on the address list.  (If you fall towards the end of the list, you would include addresses at the top of the list until you reach twelve.)  I will try to spread different states around the list, but frankly my biggest response to the Gingerbread Exchange came from a few states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia so everyone ended up receiving lots of mail from those states.  I don't want to turn down people just because I already have participants from a certain we'll just have to work with what we have.  (Pre-K teachers tend to be experts at that!)

I will email the list to everyone by February 4th.  Please send out your Valentines by February 6th.  This should have the Valentines arriving by February 14th.  They should be "kid creations" and not include food or candy.  You can choose whether to include a photo of your class, whether to have your students sign it, and all those details.

And...Sorry that GrowinginPreK has been so quiet lately, but I have had complicated laptop issues that have prevented me from doing the things I want to.  I can't wait to get access to all my photos, clipart, etc. back.  Luckily it is stored in a "cloud" somewhere...but still not really available to me until I get my own computer back.



  • Eilis

I love sharing the Christmas story with my young learners this time each year.  This week they illustrated their gifts for Baby Jesus:

and created these simple Nativities.

The printables for both activities are included in The First Christmas Printables at my Teachers Notebook Shop.

We also enjoyed some more visits from our elf, Mario.

And.... The Gingerbread Exchange Has been wonderful.  I have been very touched by the notes and emails I have received from so many delightful teachers.  Many classes from one school in Ennis, TX signed up.  It was tricky to put them all on separate lists (especially since Texas is already heavily represented in the exchange).  This picture of all the gingerbread men that they received (combined from all the lists) is AMAZING!  I hope they won't mind me posting it here.  Can you find one you sent out?


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