Here's my very compact classroom...



 Calendar Wall (above)


 Book Nook (above)

Dramatic Play (above) 


 Word Wall (above)

Cubbies and book tubs with "reading buddies" 


 Math Tubs (above)

 Computer Center (above) 


 Science Center (above)

 ABC Center (above and below)


 Center Chart 


Student Tables with blue tubs of fine motor activities.  We do this while everyone arrives and unpacks. 

The children put the blue trays away on this shelf when it is time to come to the carpet.  



The area in front of the cubbies becomes the block center when I roll out this $9.99 rug from Ikea and put out legos/blocks/etc.


These $5 seat cushions from Ikea allow me to have the kids sit in rows or a circle when we come to the carpet.

 My chair and big book easel with all our frequent read-alouds stored in the crate below.

 A hand-made puppet theater donated by a wonderful church member!  It folds and has velcro so I can stash it beside the file cabinet when not in use.



 Our Daily Schedule Chart


Our Pre-K version of the math journal....


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