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  • Eilis

I recently received three sample rolls of Smart-Fab to use and review for this blog.  I did not receive any compensation for this review beyond the free sample.  I have to say that I am very excited about this new product!

This material is like felt and paper rolled up in one.  It is easy to cut, does not fray, and can be painted on, glued, sewn, etc. It is much thinner than felt, but still has the feeling of fabric.   There are loads of ideas of how it has been used on Pinterest. I am looking forward to using it on bulletin boards since Smart-Fab reports that holes do not remain when tacks are removed.  Sounds like a teacher's dream to me!  However, I will not be breaking into any locked school buildings to try it out this summer....

So my first very quick project was to make some pom-poms:

I simply cut a strip of Smart-Fab the width (48 inches) of the roll and then cut fringe.

Then, I rolled it up and added a rubber band to make the "handle."  For the second one, I decided to try two colors.  I placed the two colors one on top of the other and only had to cut once.

I plan to make a bunch of these for dress up, gross motor activities, etc.  I am going to try having the kids use them when they count syllables (instead of clapping) for a little variety.  We may even take them out with us at playground time so kids can be "cheerleaders."

There are lots more Smart-Fab ideas bouncing around in my head....

I will post them here as they become reality.

I have linked this up at Mop it Up Monday.


*** UPDATE - Check back here in the next few days - will be hosting a giveaway of Smart-Fab for one lucky reader***

  • Eilis

I have been away from this blog for a while.  There are lots of changes in my life these days.  My youngest child graduated from high school in May and we are moving to the Dallas area this summer.  Packing up my classroom was a huge and sad job.  I had a wonderful group of students last year and it was very hard to say good bye.  Now I am busy making our house look like no one lives in it (for showings).... No small project when I have all the stuff from my classroom at home!  

Enough of that though.  I have finally finished a set of ocean themed printables which can be found at my TeachersPayTeachers Store.

Be sure to visit and download the preview so you can get the fish themed roll and color dice game for free.

Here's a picture of one of my students measuring the ocean animals with cubes:

Once again, I used Kate Hadfield's adorable art.

There are also pocket chart sorts, a lower case alphabet bingo game,  number recognition activities, printables to use with float/sink and estimating how many shells are in a jar, and more.... 

I will email the ENTIRE file for free to the first three people who follow my TeachersPayTeachers Store, download the preview of this set, and post a comment about it here.

While sorting out my teaching materials, I mailed a big box of books to  Moore Books for Moore Kids to help teachers trying to rebuild the classroom libraries that they lost in the tornados.   Check that out too if you might be in a position to help.

Have a wonderful summer!

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